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The Yarra Valley Bonsai Society, based in the 'far east' of Melbourne, caters for bonsai enthusiasts of all skill levels, from the simply curious and absolute beginner to the advanced practitioners. 

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Cire services (formerly Upper Yarra Community House) at 20 Old Hereford Road in Mount Evelyn (Melway Ref 118 B8 or see map here).  Monthly meetings usually begin with a Review/Overview session at 7.30pm, followed by a short business section and then a feature event: usually a demonstrator or speaker on a topic of interest.  In addition to our monthly meetings, we hold informal workshops on the last Saturday of each month from 1-4:30 pm also at Cire.

For membership enquiries contact or download an application form and send it to the PO Box listed above.  Better yet, bring it along to the next meeting or workshop. Membership has its benefits, such as substantial discounts at selected nurseries and other businesses of interest, but visitors are always welcome. 

Club Meeting 2016 04 LATEST NEWS:With the Christmas/New Year season behind us, and one month gone already, we are now well and truly into 2019, and Yarra Valley Bonsai Society got off to a flying start.

Our January Monthly Meeting was well attended considering it was in the middle of the holiday season. We began with a Bonsai Basics session entitled Bonsai Forms by Rudi J.He illustrated with the aid of a chart,the changing growth characteristics of trees at various levels up a mountainside. They ranged from growing upright at the bottom to cascading and windswept toward the top. It was from these observations that the six basic bonsai styles were developed. He continued on to say that these styles can then be used in various ways to create different forms. These can include amongst others, forest plantings, twin trunk and exposed roots. The bonsai artist’s task is to gain inspiration from what can be seen in the wild, and then attempt to replicate it. Newer members found this to be a great learning opportunity, whilst the more experienced ones were still able to pick up some valuable pointers. Others were able to contribute additional value to Rudi’s talk.

This was followed by a General Workshop with our own “team of experts” on hand to offer advice and suggestions. After the holiday break there was plenty of catch-up chatter around the room whilst the various trees that had been brought along were worked on to bring them back into shape.

One of the advantages of belonging to our Club is that members are able to take part in Nursery Trips. On these Trips additional knowledge and experience can be gained from the staff at the various Nurseries we visit, and from our own resident club experts travelling with us. On Saturday 2nd February, we will take part in the first Trip for this year. We will meet at Bonsai Sensation Nursery in Narre Warren, in the morning and then progress to the Pearcedale Garden Centre, and finish the day at Plantmark in Langwarrin. Members will see a great range and variety of plants and trees, and go home with purchases ranging from a few items, to as in some cases in the past, almost packed cars. Everyone is usually contented with what they buy during the day and are delighted at the extremely good prices they receive. This time should bring the same result and be no exception.

Our February Monthly Meeting on Tuesday 12th will be a Workshop Night under the guidance of Craig Wilson.  The information and advice he gives is always very helpful as it is drawn from his many years in the Nursery industry and practicing Bonsai, and the wealth of knowledge and experience he has accrued during that time. He will move around the room offering assistance to the members present about their individual trees.  No doubt after the extremely warm days the weather has dished up to us over recent weeks, there will be plenty of advice needed to help members care for their trees in the most appropriate way. This time of the year also particularly suits native trees, so we are expecting them to be predominant amongst those trees brought along.

The Saturday afternoon Workshop this month is on February 23rd at our usual Venue in Mt Evelyn from 1:00 – 4:30pm. We encourage people interested in Bonsai to attend one of these afternoons as an introduction to our Club, and this great hobby. Please call us and let us know if you wish to attend. You will be made most welcome.