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The Yarra Valley Bonsai Society, based in the 'far east' of Melbourne, caters for bonsai enthusiasts of all skill levels, from the simply curious and absolute beginner to the advanced practitioners. 

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Chirnside Park Community Hib at 33 Kimberley Drive in Chirnside Park (Melway Ref 37 F3 or see map here).  Monthly meetings usually begin with a Review/Overview session at 7.30pm, followed by a short business section and then a feature event: usually a demonstrator or speaker on a topic of interest.  In addition to our monthly meetings, we hold informal workshops on the last Saturday of each month from 1-4:00 pm also at Chirnside Park Community Hub.

For membership enquiries contact or download an application form and send it to the PO Box listed above.  Better yet, bring it along to the next meeting or workshop. Membership has its benefits, such as substantial discounts at selected nurseries and other businesses of interest, but visitors are always welcome. 

Club Meeting 2016 04 LATEST NEWS: As Victoria is still subject to Coronavirus Restrictions,we are again forced to cancel all of our Club’s September Meetings. This includes our AGM, (which has been re-scheduled to November 10th), the Monthly Meeting on the 8th, the Saturday 26th Workshop and the Novice Course.
The Committee are keen to get the Club back in business ASAP, so, if by some miracle there is a dramatic change to the restrictions allowing us to meet again face to face, we’ll jump on the opportunity, and let you know.
But the GOOD NEWS is that in the meantime, the Committee has arranged an on-line demonstration for our members on Saturday afternoon the 5th September. It will feature our own Nick R giving a presentation on Grafting. This was to have been the subject of our cancelled August Monthly Meeting, but with the use of electronic visual aids it will now be able to go ahead. If this session proves to be successful, we plan to carry out more over successive months.
Well, look at the evidence out of your windows, it’s SPRINGTIME at last. But the weather can still be a little uncertain, so many trees are still a little confused. Some are tentatively pushing forth blossoms and leaves, others are holding back waiting for a more definite indication that it really is Spring. But whatever is happening in your garden, this is still an exciting time of the year worth waiting for. Enjoy being outside at every opportunity, watching and waiting on every little leaf, bud or blossom to appear. When they do get going, like their bigger brothers, bonsai trees develop very quickly and need constant attention, care and maintenance. Bonsai growers need to be ready to help them along the way.

With new growth, the need to water and fertilize increases. Trees need to be observed individually to establish the amount and frequency of water that is necessary for each one. Overwatering must be avoided. It is a process of wetting and drying. When fertilizing a combination of slow release and liquid fertilizers should be used. It is better to fertilize regularly and frequently in small weak doses rather than giving a strong dose now and then. With flowering species, fertilizing should not commence until after flowering has finished.

If additional assistance is needed with ideas on what to do, and how to do it, you could become a member of a bonsai Club. However at present that is not possible due to Covid restrictions, but there are many books and DVD’s commercially available to assist. There are also many aids on the web.

But whatever you do, remember to keep enjoying the “Little Things” in life. Bonsai is a great hobby, and we invite you to “get on board”.