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SPECIAL NOTE! No Last Saturday of the Month Workshop in December, due to the holiday Season!
The November monthly meeting featured a demonstration by special guest Scott Martin from Bonsai Matsu, who worked primarily on an Allocasuarina littoralis belonging to Lindsay H, but also talked about a Melaleuca of Stefan's and a Nothofagus belonging to Nick.  As usual from Scott, one of our favourite presenters, a very informative and entertaining evening!
The Annual Sale Day was held prior to the Last Saturday of the Month Workshop in November, featuring 15 tables of sellers' wares including bonsai, bonsai starters at various stages, and pots and supplies.  Another successful sale - we hope that some members picked up some little treasures!
Our Monthly Meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 12th December will be our Christmas Breakup, with a spread of tasty treats available to celebrate the conclusion of another successful year for the Club.  Also on the agenda will be an Informal Discussion on a number of members' trees, so if you have a favourite tree that you would like to show off and talk about, or a tree on which you need advice, bring it along and present it to the group!  Everybody likes to see what our varius members are working on.
No Last Saturday of the Month Workshop in December!  We will commence the normal Workshops again in January.
Visitors are always welcome at any of our meetings or workshops, so feel free to drop in to check out our activities. Our Club is ideally suited to help you enjoy this wonderful hobby and pastime. We are a relatively new Club, just fourteen years old, but we boast a bunch of friendly members with a wide variety of experience and ages, some brand new to bonsai, right through to those that have been enjoying it for over forty years, and many degrees in between. It is a great place to learn in a friendly and welcoming environment.
We look forward to catching up with you somewhere in the "world of bonsai" in 2023.
The venue for all of our Meetings and Workshops is the Chirnside Park Community Hub, 33 Kimberley Drive, Chirnside Park.  Contact for additional information.